MCS offers individualized instruction and service in your home or office in the San Francisco North Bay Area (Marin) in all phases of computer operation, hardware purchase and setup and troubleshooting at reasonable hourly rates.  With over 30 years experience overseeing in-house computer systems, database design and teaching technical and clerical employees, I can provide instruction in computer basics as well as help you learn new programs, or work more efficiently with the ones you already use.

I can help you assess your computer needs and assist you with purchase of a new system as well as install and configure your new system to meet your needs and transfer data from your old system.

I can help you with self-install of DSL or Cable and with in-home or small business networks to share files and DSL/Cable connections and with configuration of wireless or cabled networks.

I can clean your system of viruses, spyware and Trojan horses.

I can help you troubleshoot hardware conflicts or non-working hardware; clean up  your hard disk; backup critical data files; organize and cleanup your desktop, install new software or upgrade current software.

LEARN Windows software and tips for basic organization of your computer desktop and hard disk. 

LEARN Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, Works and Outlook; Quicken, Quickbooks, Turbo-Tax; Digital image manipulation. Adobe Photoshop and various graphic programs; the Internet using Microsoft IE, Firefox or Safari and E-mail using various e-mail programs.  Whether you are a novice at computers or an experienced user looking to expand your knowledge, I provide instruction to meet your individual needs.

LEARN how to

  • Use the internet and send and read e-mail
  • Read your e-mail through a web browser when traveling
  • Use a digital camera
  • Send files or pictures as e-mail attachments
  • Sign up for Skype for video calls to your family and friends
  • Organize your finances using Quicken (or similar programs)
  • Create your own forms for home and business use
  • Travel the Internet and evaluate on-line banking; try electronic shopping; take a tour of the Louvre; get a stock quote; perform a job search; get a weather report; download IRS or State tax forms; do a Medline search for medical information, just to name a few.

Each session is tailored to your individual needs and arranged at your convenience.

For further information or an appointment please call


Kathleen A. Meier

(415) 461-4133


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